Champion CHWJ-1200 Spot UV Coating Machine

Champion CHWJ-1200 Spot UV Coating Machine

Champion CHWJ-1200 Spot UV Coating Machine


  • Champion CHWJ 1200 is suitable for spot or full coating of water based (Aqueous) or UV Varnish.
  • Automatic top feeding system, Impression ON/OFF and Varnish circulation gives high automated Productivity.
  • The machine has industrial aesthetics design, beautiful and elegant appearance, Robust structure with stable performance.

Varnishing Unit

  • Usage of Flexo Plates and blanket for spot & full Varnishing gives more versatility on the Product ranges.
  • A gripper & Chain Mechanism provides more stable and reliable paper travel through the coating unit.
  • The duct roller & the anilox roller or synchronize to achieve better metering of varnish, Stepless drive control gives desired coating thickness throughout the sheet.

Drying Unit

The infrared dryer for water based varnishes has 18 infrared tubes of 1.2Kw per tube. The ultraviolet dryer adopts 3 ultraviolet tubes of 8Kw per tube. UV Lamp has automatic reflection & correcting device gives temperature stability. The infrared dryer also has temperature control device. The drying and cooling system with fan assistance ensures the aqueous varnishing and UV Varnish dries effectively.

Feeding & Delivery Unit

  • The Continuous feeding & delivery system ensures machine running continuously without stopping.

The feeding & Delivery has automatic Joggers and pile lifting/lowering which gives proper stack of the paper

Technical Specification

Max. paper 820×1200mm
Min .paper 440× 600mm
Speed 4000pc/hour
Paper thickness 80-400g/m2
Total weight 9300kg
Total power 30kw
Dimension 12800×2700×1920mm